How to get some interesting specimens to look at with a magnifying glass!
Equipment: magnifying glass (or pocket microscope if you have one), paper, sticky tape, pens

For this experiment you're going to get the kids to collect some samples of various different household/garden items to look at with a magnifying glass or pocket microscope. The idea is to stick them down on paper so they don't move as the kids are trying to look at them.

Get samples

Get the kids to place a small amount (1/4 tsp or less) of granulated sugar, sand, petals, grass on a sheet of white paper and cover it with sticky tape


Have a look at the shapes of the sand/sugar and other items with the magnifying glass or microscope


Allow the kids to label the specimen by writing underneath the sticky tape

Add more specimens

Let the kids run off to collect more samples to stick down, observe and label

You can collect samples from around the house or garden! Maybe try soil, leaves, grass, coffee granules, teabags, flower petals, feathers, ribbon or other material. Try things out and let the kids decide what are the best !