An Adventure

An exciting adventure
Equipment: paper, pens/pencils/crayons (stapler if you have one)

The idea here is to take the kids on an adventure - just to somewhere they don't usually go. This could be a walk down a street you don't normally use, a trip in the car to somewhere they haven't been before or along a route they don't know or a trip on a bus they don't normally take. It's not so important where you end up as the trip is the real adventure!

Make some books

Make some little books to fill in on the way

Fold paper

Take a few sheets of paper (say 3) and fold them to make a little book

Cut large sheets of paper

Cut the paper into smaller pieces (halves or thirds) if you only have A4


The folded sheets are your "book" (you could staple the book together if you happen to have a stapler but just folded is fine)

Add items

Draw some pictures or write out some things you expect to see on the way - for example a tree, a post box, a car of a certain colour, an archway, a ladybird it all depends on where you're going (plus how old the kids are). Older children can draw the pictures themselves

Add tick boxes

Draw a little box next to each item so the kids can tick them off as they see them. Make sure to leave some blank pages to let the children add their own observations

Go adventuring

Head off on your adventure and bring pencils so the kids can fill in their books along the way