Perfumes and Potions

Making some perfumes and potions
Equipment: plastic cup, teaspoon, various leaves, petals, liquids from around the house or garden

The idea here is to let the kids mix up a perfume or potion (let them choose) by collecting various bits and bobs from the house or garden and mixing everything up in a plastic cup with a little water. Do keep an eye on what the chilren are collecting so they don't use anything dangerous

Get a cup and spoon

Give the kids a cup and spoon with about 2 -3cm of water in it

Add ingredients - outside

If you're outside let the kids pick some petals, leaves, grass, herbs anything they like to mix into a delightful perfume or a disgusting potion

Add ingredients - inside

If you are inside give the kids a few drops of liquids or half a teaspoon of solids such as salt, sugar, tomato ketchup, vinegar, milk, juice depending on whether they want a sweet-smelling perfume or an obnoxious potion


Let the children have some fun mixing up their perfume/potion - but of course no tasting it!

Bottle it

If you have any old plastic bottles with lids (such as bubble bath bottles) you could bottle the perfumes and keep them for a couple of days by which time they will probably smell disgusting and you can get rid of them