How to make an enclosure !!
Equipment: cereal box, scissors, pens/pencils/crayons, sticky tape, coloured paper/glue stick if you have it

This is basically a box made to look like a field for the kids to play with any small animals/dinosaurs or other small toy they have. You can add extra bits and pieces depending on what your kids want. Just remember it's only for fun so it doesn't matter what it looks like and it's even better if the kids can make as much as possible themselves. (You can make 2 enclosures from 1 cereal box)

Get equipment

Get on ordinary cereal box, scissors, sticky tape and glue.

Cut box

Cut the empty cereal box in half lengthways and stick loose corners together with sticky tape.

Make grass

Stick green paper to the base of the box using a glue stick or let the kids colour it green using crayons

Make gates

Make a small vertical cut in one side of the box and two horizontal cuts, then bend out the cut pieces to make a gate.


You can stop at this point and let the kids add their animals and play!

Add extras

If you like you can add some extras - a strip of paper stuck with tape at the edges to make a cave?

Trees and water

A piece of blue paper to be a pond or stream? A tube to be a tree?

Horse jumps

Make horse jumps from small pieces of paper stuck with sticky tape to cut up straws and stuck to the enclosure by blu tack

You can let the kids use their imagination for this - older kids can make something quite intricate whereas younger kids will probably want something a bit simpler that can stand up to rough handling