Marble Run

A home made marble run !!
Equipment: toilet roll tubes/kitchen roll tubes/wrapping paper tubes, scissors, pens/pencils/crayons, sticky tape/gaffer tape/duct tape and of course some marbles !!

The idea is to make holes in the tubes to drop the marbles into and also holes to join up different tubes to make it a bit more exciting. You can also try making holes for the marbles to drop out of.


Let the kids decorate the tubes using pens/pencils or crayons

Make holes in tubes

Cut holes in tubes to attach other tubes

Cut tubes

Stick tubes together using sticky tape or gaffer/duct tape (make sure to leave a gap inside for marbles to run past the tubes you have stuck on)

Try it!

Try it out by dropping marbles in and watching them roll around! You could also add holes for the marbles to drop out of