Make music with a shaker
Equipment: Small pot (e.g. yoghurt pot or probiotic drink container), dried food such as rice/lentils/small pasta shapes, sticky tape, stickers if you have them, paper

Get a clean pot

Get a clean yoghurt pot or small plastic tub and remove any labels

Add dried food

Let the kids add a mixture of dried foods such as rice, lentils, small pasta shapes, dried peas etc but don't fill the tub more than half way

Use a funnel

If you want you can make a funnel so the dried foods go straight into the pot without spilling.

Make a funnel

Just roll a piece of paper into a cone, hold it together with sticky tape and snip off the end so you have a hole for the dried food to go through

Add a lid

Place a piece of paper just larger than the top of your tub over the opening, push the sides down and stick around the sides with sticky tape.

Strengthen lid

You can also place strips of sticky tape over the top of the paper to make the lid stronger


Let the kids add stickers to decorate or if you don't have any stickers let them colour small pieces of paper which you can then stick onto the shaker with sticky tape

Try it

Let the music begin ! Set the kids free with their shakers - it could get noisy !