A tower made from a kitchen roll tube. This could be a Rapunzel tower or a castle tower
Equipment: paper, scissors, pens/pencils/crayons, kitchen roll tube, sticky tape or glue

There are 2 ways to do this - stick the paper onto the tube and then draw windows, doors etc onto the paper or wrap the paper around the tube, mark the area of paper that will be visible when the paper is stuck on the tube, unwrap the paper and draw the windows/doors/decoration when the paper is flat, then stick onto the tube

Cover tube

Wrap a piece of A4 paper around the tube and either stick in place with sticky tape or glue or mark the area that will be visible on the tube

Add decoration

Let the kids draw windows, doors, vines, flowers or any other decoation they like to the tower

Stick paper

Stick the paper onto the tower if you haven't already done so

Add roof

If you're making a Rapunzel tower you can add a roof by cutting a circle of paper, making a cone shape and sticking it onto the top of the tower, then draw a picture of Rapunzel in the window

Add battlements

If you're making a castle tower you might prefer to cut battlements in the top of the tower by cutting slits and bending down alternate pieces of the tube


You can use coloured paper to make different types of towers or use white paper, or colour white paper - its up to the kids !