Crayon Rubbings

Crayon Rubbings
Equipment: paper and crayons!!

Look round for some good textures for your rubbings - maybe carpet, wooden chairs or floors, keyholes, coins, raised text or pictures in books, panels on doors etc. This activity works really well outside on a dry day as you can do rubbings of fences, tree trunks, patios, walls etc.

Choose colours

Get a piece of paper and choose a few colours of crayons to use

Choose rubbings

Rub over the surface you've chosen using the side of the crayon - maybe hold the paper still for your child to help them

Different colours

You can do lots of rubbings on one piece of paper using your different coloured crayons. If you like you could cut up the paper afterwards and make a picture from your rubbings

Different textures

Try out lots of different textures - if you're inside maybe coins, wooden floors, books with raised pictures or covers and if you're outside walls, fences, tree trunks and stones work really well.