Fortune Teller

Fortune Tellers
Equipment: paper and pens/pencils

Here's a reminder of how to make a fortune teller - something you may have done yourself when you were young. All you need is some paper and pens or pencils and some ideas for predictions for the future !

Get square paper

Get a piece of square paper and fold it in half into a triangle

Fold into triangles

Fold it in half again to make a smaller triangle - this will give you a point for the centre of the paper

Fold in corners

Open up the paper and fold in each corner to the centre

Folded corners

You should end up with a square shape

Fold other side

Turn your square over and fold each corner into the centre again

Second folded corners

This should give you a smaller square with square flaps on one side and triangle flaps on the other

Open up teller

Draw the corners to the centre and push out the square flaps at the side to give you a 3D fortune teller

Add numbers

Let the kids add numbers to the 8 spaces around the outside of the fortune teller (you may find this easier if you flatten the fortune teller again)

Add colours

Let the kids write colour names or add spots of colour to the 8 triangles inside the teller

Add fortunes

Finally, let the kids add fortunes to the underside of the colour triangles (e.g. "You will receive a surprise" or "You will find a toy you have lost")

Using the fortune teller

To use the fortune teller put your index fingers and thumbs in the bottom sections and open and close. Ask someone for a number between 1 and 8 then open and close the teller that many times.

Choose colour

Choose a colour and spell out it's name using the letters to open and close the teller.

Choose fortune

Choose a colour again and lift up the flap to read the fortune for that colour.