Treasure Hunt

How to make a treasure hunt !!
Equipment: paper, scissors, pens/pencils/crayons and of course some treasure !!

Treasure could be anything you like - a drawing of a treasure chest? A prize made by one of the kids like a paper aeroplane? A piece of fruit? Anything you can think of.

Cut Paper

Cut paper into small pieces (say 8cm x 8cm)

Draw Clues

Let the kids draw pictures for clues...

Write Clues

... or write riddles for older children

Hide Clues

Hide clues around the house/garden

Hide treasure

Hide the treasure wherever the last clue points to

Give the first clue to the kids to start the treasure hunt. Remember to hide clues in the area the last clue pointed to. For example, if your clues show the washing machine (1), a chair (2) and a bed (3) the first clue goes to the kids (clue 1 showing the washing machine), clue (2) showing the chair goes on the washing machine and clue (3) showning the bed goes on the chair. The treasure would then be on the bed.