Advent Calendar

Why not let your kids make an advent calendar from paper and card?  It’s not very hard – they just need to do lots of drawing!

To start, get a sheet of A4 paper and card.  White is good but you can of course use any colour you like.

The Christmas Scene

The first step is to get the kids to draw a lovely Christmas scene on the card and colour it in.  The picture can be anything Christmassy – Santa, snowmen, Christmas trees, sleighs, presents, crackers –  anything at all.


Number it!

Next, write the numbers 1 to 24 (advent calendars generally don’t have a door for Christmas day) in random places on the picture.  This is where the doors for the advent calendar will be, so make sure you space them out all over the card.


Cutting out

This next step should be done by an adult as it is tricky!  You need to cut doors in the card around the numbers using a Stanley knife or sharp scissors, so make cuts on 3 sides of a square around the numbers, then the door can be bent open on the correct day.

More drawing

Now you need to draw the pictures which will be behind the doors when you open them.  Take the card with the Christmas scene and place it on top of the sheet of paper.  Open the advent doors and draw a around the square shapes on the sheet of paper (I’ve numbered them to make sure we didn’t forget any).

This lets you know where you need to draw your pictures, so they’ll be in the correct place when the doors are opened.  Remove the Christmas scene and let the kids draw small Christmas themed pictures in all 24 of the squares.



Here are a few ideas of what you could draw:


Baby Jesus/Mary/angel/stable


Christmas pudding/mince pie/turkey/gingerbread man


Christmas tree/star/bauble/present



Stocking/candy cane



When all 24 squares have pictures, put glue on the paper in all the gaps between the squares using a glue stick and stick the Christmas scene on top.

The Finished Advent Calendar

There you have it!  Your own advent calendar ready for December 1st!


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