An Adventure

How about going out on an adventure? The idea here is to take the kids out somewhere they don’t usually go. This could be a walk down a street you don’t normally use, a trip in the car to somewhere they haven’t been before or along a route they don’t know or a trip on a bus they don’t normally take. It’s not so important where you end up as the trip is the real adventure!

You could make some little books to note down things you see along the way or draw pictures of items to spot on your trip and tick off.  If you want to make a book just get a few sheets of paper and fold them to make a book (full instructions here).



As you can see we went on the bus and looked out for cyclists!  We also spotted a dome, post box, bench and a lamp post!  We drew some things into the books before we left and put tick boxes and points for spotting them.  There were plenty of blank pages to add new and exciting finds though!

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