beetle game startBeetle is a paper and pencil drawing game with a dice.  In this game each player is trying to complete a picture of a beetle (don’t worry – it’s not about drawing great pictures!).  First you need to decide which numbers of the dice correspond to which parts of the beetle; then write this down and keep it in the centre of the table so everyone can see what they’re trying to get.  We often use the following:


1 – eye

2 – head

3 – leg

4 – mouth

5 – antennae

6 – body


The first part you need to get is the body – you can’t draw anything until you get that.  So everyone takes turns rolling the dice trying to get a 6.  Once you have a 6 you can draw a body and then let the next person have their turn.  When you have a body you then need a head so you can add 2 eyes, a mouth and 2 antennae.  Whilst your waiting to roll a 2 to get a head you can add legs (you need 6) to the body every time you roll a 3.  The winner is the first person to complete their beetle with 1 body, 1 head, 6 legs, 2 eyes, 2 antennae and 1 mouth!


Sometimes we embellish our beetles just a little bit whilst waiting for our turn…

beetle game embellished

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