Boxes – a paper game

So here’s a game you may remember playing!  Boxes is quite a simple game and all you need to play is paper and a pen.

First, draw a grid of dots on your paper.  The more you draw the longer it will take you to finish the game – so probably start with a square of about 5 x 8 dots.

boxes grid






Now you’re ready to start playing!  The aim of the game is to be the person who completes a ‘box’ and then you own that box; the winner is the player who owns the most boxes when all the dots have been joined.  To play, take turns drawing horizontal or vertical lines between dots on the grid.  Keep adding lines until someone gets a chance to complete a box.  You then write your initial inside the box and get another turn to add a line (often you can complete a whole row of boxes this way)



When all the boxes have been made and the grid is complete the game is over – the winner is the person with the most boxes.

boxes - the finished game

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