The Eleventh Toy of Christmas – Board Games

On the eleventh day of Christmas Santa gave to me…

Eleven board games

Ten Christmas games

Nine children’s books

Eight stocking fillers

Seven kids craft kits

Six tricky puzzles

Five science kits

Four drawing books

Three magic sets

Two puppet shows

And a train set under the tree!


So, board games; not quite the same as the previous post on games, as here you’ll find a great list of board games that you need to sit down around a table to play, from the traditional to a few different board games you may not have heard of.  Hope you find some you like!


board games



First, a traditional game, Cluedo!  In this game you need to use your detective skills to work out who killed Dr Black.  You get evidence in the form of cards and need to travel around the board using a dice and secret passages to find the room, weapon and murderer.  Great fun and doesn’t take too long to complete a game ( you can probably manage it in about 30 – 45 minutes).



Pop to the shops

Next, one for younger kids!  Pop to the shops is a money game for younger kids.  To play you try to fill up your shopping basket with different items selected from cards.  To buy them, you need to roll a dice and travel to the shop selling the item (each player gets to be a shopkeeper as well as a shopper!).  Each player has play money they can use for their shopping so kids get to pay, get change etc.  A fun and educational game.



Dotty Dinosaurs

Or for even younger kids how about a game to help them learn colours and shapes?  Dotty Dinosaurs is a lovely, easy game where you try to fill up your dinosaur board with coloured circles.  You get a circle by rolling a dice with colours on it.  There is a second game if you turn over the dinosaur boards where you fill them up with different shapes.




Of course if you want a game that deals with big money you have to go for Monopoly!  Not suitable for young kids (it’s just too difficult), this is the classic game for buying property.  You need to roll the dice and make your way around the board buying streets, avoiding jail, building houses and hotels to increase your wealth.  Good fun, but it does take a long time to play.




Now for something to really use your brain!  Why not teach your kids to play chess?  Great for strategy and getting kids to think ahead.  There’s a lot to remember with all the different moves the different pieces have!  You could always get a chess book too, to help with the rules and skills needed.





How about a slightly different game?  Labyrinth has no dice so it’s a little bit different for a board game.  In this game you get treasure cards which match maze cards on the board.  The maze cards on the board can be “pushed” which makes a maze that changes with each players turn.  The object of the game is to collect all the maze cards matching the treasure cards you hold.  For 2 – 4 players from about 6/7 years old.




Back to a traditional game now – Scrabble.  Excellent for improving spelling and vocabulary, the idea is to create words on the board using your own letters plus letters from other players words already on the board and trying to get as high a score as possible.  Each letter tile has points and certain squares on the board give you extra points for letters or words placed on them.  If you want to play with younger children or want a faster game, I suggest just trying to get the best word you can and ignoring the scoring aspect.



Robot Wars

A board game with a difference – this one teaches kids computer programming, introducing the concepts of loops and if/else constructs.  The idea of the game is to move your robot to the centre of the board, shooting opponents along the way.  You move by picking up and playing cards which have lines of code on them which show you how you can move (it’s based on the Java programming language).  Sound fun?  Why not give it a try!  Suitable from abaout age 7 up.




An old game but a good one!  Othello is a two player game where you try and get as many counters of your colour as possible on the board.  The counters are black on one side and white on the other, and you place them on the board one at a time.  If you can surround your opponents counters with yours then you can turn them over to your colour.  The fun with this game is that it can look like one player is winning, but with the placement of just one counter all that can change!



Insey Winsey Spider


Another game for the little ones now – Insey Winsey Spider is a cute little game to help with counting or shapes (you can play it two ways).  The aim is to get your spider to the top of the drainpipe safe in it’s web.  To do this you roll a dice, either a numbers one or a shapes one depending on which game you’re playing.  You move up the board, then the spinner is used after each turn and you’ll end up back at the beginning if it lands on the raincloud!



Lastly, something for young and old!  Dominoes is a great game for any age, although for very young children you probably want to get something like the Dinosaur Dominoes set where they can use pictures to match.  Older kids can play with any set.

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