The Fifth Toy of Christmas – Science Kits

On the fifth day of Christmas Santa gave to me…

Five science kits

Four drawing books

Three magic sets

Two puppet shows

And a train set under the tree!


science kits


Science kits are not only fun for your kids, they can also learn about science and the world around them.  There are lots of science kits to choose from so here’s a selection that I think are both good entertainment, but teach the kids too.



If you have younger children this is a really excellent starter kit to get them interested in science.  The test tubes and beakers etc. are good quality and can withstand some play!  I also think this kit lasts as the kids can use the equipment for years (it’s really not too babyish).   There are nice cards included with some easy experiments using things you should have around the house.  All in all a great kit!



A pocket microscope is one of my favourite science tools. Looking at everyday objects in close up is just so interesting – so make sure you have a go with the microscope too!  A pocket microscope is great as it’s really easy to use but still powerful enough to give ordinary objects a new perspective. Just looking at different fabrics and foods around the house is excellent fun! Take a look at our magnifying post for more ideas of samples to look at under a microscope.


Here’s a fun little kit just using water! Nice experiments, not too difficult so can be used by a range of kids.

Definitely one for older kids (7+), how about teaching the kids about electricity and circuits?  This kit has all you need; great instructions for lots of fun experiments using sound, light and motion and a really good board to snap the connectors onto.  It’s different too, so probably not something most kids have tried before.

Finally, another easy one – a crystal growing kit. This doesn’t take long to do but you do get some pretty crystals that the kids can watch grow. This particular kit has one set of crystals which you grow on a cardboard tree.  The great thing about these is that they grow so quickly!  Whilst the other crystals take a couple of days to grow, the ones on the tree will start appearing after about an hour and then continue to grow really fast.  The kids can enjoy regular checks to see the progress of the tree crystals.


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