The Fourth Toy of Christmas – Drawing Books

On the fourth day of Christmas Santa gave to me…

Four drawing books

Three magic sets

Two puppet shows

And a train set under the tree!


drawing supplies



So how about some drawing supplies for Christmas?  This is a gift for anyone!  If you have younger children colouring books and pens/pencils/crayons are always a hit.  But there are some great art supplies for older kids too.

You might remember Spirograph – a drawing set that lets you create pretty geometric shapes.  You can get nice sets which will let your kids create plenty of great pictures!  They don’t have to be good at drawing as you use wheels and circles to make the shapes.





Have you tried brush pens?  These are really lovely colouring pens which you can also paint with!  To paint, put some colour on the picture with the brush pen then use a paintbrush and water to create a water-colour effect on your picture.


Now you’ll probably want a colouring book to try out those brush pens! For older kids you can get some beautiful manga colouring books, but just check they are suitable for kids. I like this one as it has some really lovely illustrations that I think will appeal to older kids.


Lastly, you could try “How to Draw” books. Some kids get to the stage where they decide their pictures aren’t any good and they “can’t draw”. This is a real shame as it can put them off art. So you could give these books a go! Anime characters are easy to draw as they’re kind of cartoon-ish (think Japanese comics); the books guide children by breaking the drawings down into simple shapes.


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