Homemade Brooches

Ever needed some brooches for costumes for your kids?  Or just fancy letting the kids do some craft?  I’ve got three ways to make brooches – and some of them are very easy!

Sometimes the kids want to play dressing up, or they might need a costume for school.  You can make ordinary clothes into something from another age by adding some accessories!  Here’s a few easy ways to make brooches for those costumes…


Method 1 – Engraved

Super easy to do, but looks really effective!  All you need is some card, a safety pin, sticky tape, scissors and a pencil.  Cut a circle or oval of card – if you have gold or silver card this would be perfect.  If not, use any card you have (could be a cereal box) and cover it with aluminium foil, trying to keep the surface smooth.  Use your pencil to engrave a design into the surface of the card, turn it over and stick the safety pin in place using sticky tape or gaffer tape.  One brooch done!  If you want to copy a design you have seen onto the brooch then print it onto some paper, lay the paper over the brooch and use the pencil to trace over the design.  You should see the design engraved onto your brooch when you remove the paper.


Method 2 – Embossed

Viking brooch
Viking brooch







So this method takes a little longer and makes a bit more mess!  Again, you need to cut a piece of card to be your brooch, so do any size and shape you like.  Next give the kids some PVA glue and string and let them stick the string onto the card in a design of their choosing.  To add a bit more interest to the brooch they can then stick on dried food – we used lentils around the outside of the brooch but you could use rice or pasta or whatever you have in the cupboards.  Leave the brooch to dry and then you need to paint it.  If you have gold or silver spray paint this probably works best, but you can just let the kids paint the brooch in colours they like.  Finally, when dry, turn the brooch over and stick a safety pin on the back using sticky tape or gaffer tape as before.

Method 3 – Printed/Drawn

Celtic brooch
Celtic brooch







To finish, probably the easiest brooch of all!  If you have a printer, find an image of a brooch you like and print it onto paper or card.  Cut out the image and for paper stick it onto a piece of card.  Turn over the brooch and add the safety pin at the back as before.  If you want you could get the kids to draw out and colour a picture for their brooch straight onto card or onto paper which you can then stick onto card.


So there you go – three ways to make brooches!




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