Make your own marble run

Let the kids try and create their own marble run !  All you need is some cardboard tubes (e.g. toilet roll tubes, kitchen roll tubes, wrapping paper rolls), sticky tape or gaffer tape, pens/pencils/crayons for colouring and marbles of course !


The idea is to make holes in the tubes to drop the marbles into and also holes to join up different tubes to make it a bit more exciting. You can also try making holes for the marbles to drop out of.  The first step is to let the children decorate the tubes with pens or crayons.  Next, stick the tubes together using sticky tape or gaffer tape – make sure you create holes so the marbles can roll into different tubes !  Then get the marbles and give it a try…


Remember, kids generally don’t mind if these models don’t look perfect – drawing onto cardboard is fine – they want to make the marble run and then start playing !

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