Perfumes and Potions

perfumeLet the kids create a sweet smelling perfume or an obnoxious potion!  All you need is a plastic cup with a 3 – 4cm of water in it and some ingredients.  This is an activity for inside or outside – but do watch what the children are adding to their perfumes and potions to make sure nothing dangerous gets in – and no drinking it either (especially the foul-smelling potions)!


If you are inside give the kids a few drops of liquids or half a teaspoon of solids such as salt, sugar, tomato ketchup, vinegar, milk, juice depending on whether they want a sweet-smelling perfume or an obnoxious potion



creating a potion

If you’re outside let the kids pick some petals, leaves, grass, herbs anything they like to mix into a delightful perfume or a disgusting potion.


Then let them get on with mixing it all together!




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