paper racetrack

Here’s an activity to keep them busy for a while!  Make a racetrack for toy cars out of paper – the kids get to draw and colour in the racetrack and then play with it!  You could time each car as the kids zoom them around the track for even more fun!






What you need

To make a racetrack all you need is A4 paper, sticky tape, pens/pencils/crayons and a small toy car!!


Laying it out

Lay 6 pieces of paper in a rectangle with the edges touching, then stick the paper together along the edges using sticky tape.


Drawing and Colouring

Turn over the large rectangle and get the kids to draw 2 parallel lines in a big loop on the paper, then colour the track with crayons or pens.  You could add central markers or maybe add trees or spectators to the edges?


Time to play!

Have fun zooming the cars around, you could always add a car park (just a sheet of paper with lines for the spaces) if you have lots of cars!

racetrack car park

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