Really Giant Bubbles

So, maybe you’ve tried our idea for Giant Bubbles , but how about some Really Giant bubbles?

All you need is two sticks, some string, some bubble mixture and some washing up liquid.


giant bubbles string






Get two sticks and tie a piece of string around the two ends.  Add another piece of string to hang down in a V shape.  If you have a washer or a button add this to be a weight on the V shaped piece of string – but it will still work even if you don’t have a button or washer.  Tie this second string to the end of the sticks and your bubble maker is ready!

Now for the mixture.  Pour some bubble mixture into a large plastic container (any container will do – even an old ice cream tub!).  Add a few squirts of washing up liquid and you’re ready to go!  Dip the string into the bubble mixture until it’s all submerged, then gently lift out and swing slowly through the air to get your giant bubbles!  This is quite a messy activity so you might want to do it outside.


Really Giant Bubbles

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