Santa’s Sleigh

Want to make a Santa’s sleigh for the kids to play in? Try this for a fun and Christmassy use for some of those big cardboard boxes all those deliveries came in!

Santa's sleigh







What You Need

Large cardboard box

Scissors or Stanley knife

Sticky tape

Christmas wrapping paper

Aluminium foil


How to make a sleigh

All you need to do is cut off two side flaps from the box – keep these as you’ll need them later to make the runners

Next, draw sweeping curves on the sides of the box from the top opening to about 30cm from the bottom.

Cut the curves out from the two sides (if you want it to match, cut one curve and use the cut off piece of cardboard as a template to draw the curve on the second side).

You can leave the 2 flaps at the front and back of the sleigh as part of the design, or cut them off if you prefer.

Cover the box in wrapping paper, sticking it down with sticky tape.  The wrapping doesn’t have to be perfect as the chances are it will get a lot of wear and tear when the kids are playing with it!

You could put a blanket in the bottom of the sleigh to make it more cosy (and hide some of the wrapping!)

And that’s the sleigh done!

How to make the runners

Take the two pieces of cardboard that were the flaps of the box, lie them next to each other and draw a runner shape – straight along the middle with curved ends.

Cut these shapes out ( you need to make two from the cardboard you have)

Stick them together with sticky tape

Finally, cover with aluminium foil (or silver gaffer tape if you have it).

Stick these to the sides of the sleigh and you’re done!!


All that’s left to do is let the kids play Santa and reindeers!


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