The Seventh Toy of Christmas – Kids Craft

On the seventh day of Christmas Santa gave to me…

Seven kids craft kits

Six tricky puzzles

Five science kits

Four drawing books

Three magic sets

Two puppet shows

And a train set under the tree!


kids craft kits





Why not get the kids into crafts like sewing or knitting?  There are lots of craft kits to try; here are some that I like!





Hama Beads

Hama beads are good fun for kids as they can be really creative and make up their own designs, or follow ideas from the kit you get.  Once you’ve got some boards you can just get more beads to keep on creating!  (Very small beads so not suitable for very young children.)



Sewing Kits

Sewing kits aren’t just for girls – boys enjoy making things too! There are all sorts of sewing kits for kids including easy kits with plastic needles and pre-cut holes for small children. Older kids can get more advanced kits with more difficult projects.



Embroidery Kits

Embroidery kits for kids will give them a lovely picture at the end that they’ve made themselves. Not suitable for very young children as they can be quite tricky.



Paper Planes

For something a little different you could try a paper plane kit! The great thing about these are the clear instructions, they also have some nice coloured paper for the planes and stickers to add for decoration (and some cool names for the planes!). Once you’ve used up all the paper, keep the instructions and you can continue to make some fantastic planes with ordinary paper.



String Art

Another nice kit with everything you need to make some lovely pictures using string and pins.  There are boards, paper to cover the boards, string, pins and good instructions in the kit.  It can be a little tricky so not suitable for kids younger than about 7 or 8.



Pom Poms

Making pom poms is easy and fun – and this great kit lets you make some cute animals!  It has everything you need: wool, eyes, glue, felt and most importantly pom pom makers!  Of course you can make pom poms with just wool and 2 circles of card, but a pom pom maker lets you make pom poms really easily and quickly (trust me – I tried it and couldn’t believe how quickly you can make them!).  This would make a great present for kids of any age, and of course with more wool you can continue to make more pom poms with the pom pom makers.



Knitting set

Finally, a great knitting kit for younger kids (from about 6 years old) with wool, needles and instructions on how to make some lovely things – a bag, purse and scarf.

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