Table Football (Foosball)

Thanks to Mark for this great idea on how your kids can make their very own Table football/Foosball game!

(Guest post by Mark)


DIY foosball game from an old shoebox

If you are looking for a DIY project that will connect you and your kid I would be delighted to share with you this simple, yet attractive foosball shoebox project.  Everything you need for this project you probably have at home and if you don’t it is very easy to find.

Things you need:

To make a foosball shoebox you will need these few things from the list below:

·                1 shoebox made from cardboard
·                6 plastic straws and wooden dowels
·                10 clothespins (pegs) in two different colours
·                1 ball (similar to a ping pong ball)
·                Sharpie and ruler
·                Utility knife
·                Glue and clear tape


shoebox foosball equipment










DIY foosball shoebox

1.              Our main focus of the project is a shoebox. The shoebox will be a foosball court, which means that the action will happen inside the shoebox. Measure the shoebox and make three (or four, depending on the size of the box) holes on both long sides of the shoebox. Keep in mind that those holes have to be big enough for a straw to come through. On the shorter sides of the shoebox make a small rectangular hole for the ball to go through (these are the goals). Now that the shoebox is done, give it to your kids and let them decorate it with colours you picked. They can use sharpies, paint, tempera, you can pick it.



2.              Now that the shoebox is under a makeover you can focus on the rods. The straws will be the rods, but the straws bend easily. That is why you have to fill them with wooden dowels so they can last the entire match without bending.

3.              The rods are easy to make and they are done in a heartbeat. Now, what about the players? The players are actually the clothespins (pegs) from the list. If you managed to gather two sets of coloured clothespins you can divide them into two teams, but if you have them in one colour, you can colour them yourself. Take two colours and colour the first team in the first colour and second in the second colour.


shoebox foosball attach pegs










4.              You are almost done! All you have to do now is take the shoebox,  pierce the rods through the holes you made and fix the players on the rods. Now you have your own foosball shoebox you can play with your children!



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