The Tenth Toy of Christmas – Games

On the tenth day of Christmas Santa gave to me…

Ten Christmas games

Nine children’s books

Eight stocking fillers

Seven kids craft kits

Six tricky puzzles

Five science kits

Four drawing books

Three magic sets

Two puppet shows

And a train set under the tree!

So how about some games for Christmas?  Here’s a selection of fun and active games for kids of all ages, take a look…

Christmas games











You could call this more of an activity than a game, as it involves using gears and handles to create moving structures.  There are base boards and connectors so you can create 3D shapes which can interact with each other through the cogs, it’s really good fun for kids plus great for teaching them how cogs and gears interact.  Suitable from 3 years.



Guess Who

Really good game for different age children as they can all play!  You could always team up a younger child with an older one to even up the odds!  Generally a two player game though, the idea is to guess which character the other player has chosen from the faces on the board.  You can remove characters by asking yes/no questions (like do they have brown hair?) until you’re left with the answer.




Another classic game that can be played on paper, but this version is great to play.  Again, generally a two player game, the object of the game is to sink your opponent’s battleships.  Each player places their battleships on their board (making sure the other player can’t see them), then you take turns in selecting grid coordinates, trying to guess where your opponent’s battleships are. (Small pieces so not suitable for very young children)


Mousie Mousie

Fab little game for all the family, from young kids to parents!  One player is the Cat who tries to catch the other players mice.  The mice have long tails and sit on a mat, the Cat has a cup to catch them with when they roll a red or blue on the dice.  Easy to play, you just need fast reflexes!




Another game you may have played before – but I have to say it seems a lot harder as an adult who’s not quite as agile as they used to be!  However, kids love it!  One person whirls the spinner and the players have to do what it says, which is to stand on the mat of coloured spots and try to move feet and hands to the correct colours.  Sounds easy, but can get you into all sorts of interesting shapes before you fall over!



Fuzzy felt

Nice little game for younger kids to make pictures on boards.  You usually get two boards in a box which have a “fuzzy” surface for the felt pieces to stick to.  There are lots of different sets to choose from but the idea is the same, which is to make pictures on the boards from the felt pieces provided which have been cut into various shapes.


Fishing game

Fancy taking the kids fishing?  Then why not set them off from the comfort of your home!  The little fish in this game spin around as the board rotates, opening and closing their mouths.  The kids must then catch them with the fishing rods provided – trickier than it sounds!

Brain Box

How about testing your memory?  For this game you look at cards for a set time, trying to memorize what’s on them and then have to answer a question on your card to win it.  Simple idea, simple to play but good fun and suitable for different ages.  Each box is on one topic, but there are lots of topics to choose from.

Pass the Bomb Junior

The best bit about this game is definitely the bomb!  The bomb ticks for an unknown length of time whilst the players pass it along trying to think of something that would fit into the scene shown on the card.  The person holding the bomb when it goes off is obviously the loser!

Walkie Talkies

Finally, something for the kids to use to make up their own game!  Walkie talkies are always a hit – from playing spies, to chatting to each other in different rooms!

These ones really do work brilliantly (as a lot you can buy just seem to work only in one room), we’ve used them all over the house and they’re great!



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