The Eighth Toy of Christmas – Stocking Fillers

On the eighth day of Christmas Santa gave to me…

Eight stocking fillers

Seven kids craft kits

Six tricky puzzles

Five science kits

Four drawing books

Three magic sets

Two puppet shows

And a train set under the tree!


stocking fillers










It’s always nice to get some ideas for stocking fillers for the kids.  Take a look at these small toys – there’s bound to be something to suit your kids!

Top Trumps

Great game for kids to play, you can get Top Trumps in most subjects from football, Harry Potter and Star Wars to Shopkins!  You’re bound to be able to find a set to match your kids interests.




Marbles are fun to play with, take a look at our post on how to play the game of marbles, or you could make a marble run!  Again, you can get all sorts of interesting marbles these days like dinosaur eyes!


Voice Changer

This mini voice changer seems to really fascinate kids!  They can try out three different voices with this little voice changer – really quite impressive for such a small toy!


Farm Animals/Dinosaurs

These animals last and last – really good quality and lots of fun for little kids.  You could also try making an enclosure for the kids to put their animals in.




Always good fun, a slinky spring is a great present.  Let it “walk” down the stairs, or create a staircase with books and boxes for the slinky.



Moon bounce ball

These are fun as you can bounce them super high!




Hexbugs nanos are small little battery powered bugs that scurry around quickly.  Kids love them as you never know where they are heading!  You can get all sorts of hexbugs in different colours, and even various structures for them to run around in.


Yo Yo


Finally, a yo yo is a great present to find in a stocking.  Let the kids spend hours practicing yo yo tricks! (Not suitable for very young children of course)


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