The First Toy of Christmas – Trains

On the first day of Christmas, Santa gave to me…

A train set under the tree!

trains and carriages

wooden train sets are just the best fun!  Younger children can improve their coordination and dexterity when fitting the track together.  Older kids can still enjoy setting up the track and pushing the trains around.  If you need more present ideas (for example for birthdays) you can always add more track!  Usually the wooden train track is very similar – regardless of make – so you should be able to get trains and track from any maker and they should fit together with your existing track.  You can also get battery powered engines for wooden track so the kids can set up the track and watch the carriages get pulled around by the engine.  There’s an awful lot of accessories for train track as well which can make it even more interesting – from bridges and tunnels to stations and signals.

Finally, I’ve found girls love playing with trains just as much as boys!



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