The Sixth Toy of Christmas – Puzzles

On the sixth day of Christmas Santa gave to me…

Six tricky puzzles

Five science kits

Four drawing books

Three magic sets

Two puppet shows

And a train set under the tree!




There are some cool puzzles and games around to keep little minds busy over Christmas.  Jigsaws are always a good gift but there are lots of other fun and interesting puzzles that you could get for your kids.  Take a look below at some ideas…






Why not start with a classic?  Jigsaw puzzles!  There are some lovely wooden jigsaw puzzles for younger kids to help then learn the alphabet, numbers or even countries!


For older kids you could try 3D jigsaws!



Or how about some brain teasers to keep everyone happy?  You might be surprised with who can solve them.



Another classic, but still great fun, why not introduce your kids to the Rubiks cube?



This is a game I love! There are a series of challenges in the booklet which range from easy to very difficult. You have to slide pieces of the puzzle around to free one piece. It’s a one player game but suitable for ages 6 – 60 as the trickier challenges are difficult enough for adults!



Finally, another single player game using logic to free a car stuck in a traffic jam! Again, this comes with a booklet containing lots of challenges which will suit adults and children.


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