The Third Toy of Christmas – Magic Sets

On the third day of Christmas Santa left for me…

Three magic sets

Two puppet shows

And a train set under the tree



Yes, it’s showtime again!  For older kids magic sets are an excellent present as they will need lots of time practising their tricks before the fun of a magic show!  The children’s sets I’ve had have really good tricks, most of which aren’t too difficult to learn but look really effective – just like magic!  So why not try out one of these this Christmas?

This set by Melissa and Doug is really lovely.  The tricks are wooden so good quality that will last.  Nice tricks too that aren’t too hard to master, some are quite easy but a few require a bit more skill so I wouldn’t advise it for kids under about 7.


I like this next magic set as it comes with a top hat and rabbit! Can’t get more classic than that! It’s still a good set, the colouring book trick is easy and some of the card tricks aren’t too difficult but others might require a bit of practice, so probably best for at least 6 years and older.

This magic set is another wooden one so nice and sturdy. It’s cheaper so you don’t get so many tricks but they are easy to master yet look really effective! Great if you want a magic set for a younger child (6+) with tricks that they will actually be able to do!

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