Times Table Games

Trying to teach kids their times tables is not always the most fun job in the world!  So why not try this times tables game?  It’s good fun whilst also giving kids that all important times tables practice!  It’s a game of chance so there’s no skill involved.





How to Play

Deal out all the cards to the players face down (you can play with two or more players).  Each player turns over their top two cards, and multiplies the two numbers on them.  The player with the highest score wins and collects all the cards.  The winner of the game is the player who gets all the cards.  Simple isn’t it?  It’s a fun game though so your kids won’t notice they’re practicing maths at the same time as playing!


Here’s and example of how to play:

Player 1 has turned over a 10 and a 9, so their score is 10 x 9 = 90

Player 2 has turned over a 1 and an 11 so their score is 1 x 11 = 11

Player 1 has the higher score (90 is bigger than 11) so they win that round and get to collect all 4 of these cards and add them to their pile.


Playing times tables games






There are also some other multiplication games you can play with these cards.  For older children you can turn over just one card each and the winner of the round is the fastest person to multiply all the cards together and get the correct total.  So with 4 players you’d be multiplying 4 numbers together.  For younger children you can choose a central card (say 2 if they are learning their 2 times table) and in each round the players turn over just 1 card so it would be for example 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 (the winner here would be 2 x 6 = 12).  Again, the winner of the round collects all the other players cards and adds them to their pile.  The overall winner will be the player left with all the cards at the end!


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