The Twelfth Toy of Christmas – Lego

On the twelfth day of Christmas Santa gave to me…

Twelve Lego sets

Eleven board games

Ten Christmas games

Nine children’s books

Eight stocking fillers

Seven kids craft kits

Six tricky puzzles

Five science kits

Four drawing books

Three magic sets

Two puppet shows

And a train set under the tree!

And finally, the twelfth toy of Christmas! Who doesn’t love Lego? Build a great structure, break it up and build another! Here I’ve tried to show you Lego kits that I think give the kids quite a bit to play with for the money, or small kits which are quick to build. Hope there’s something to suit your kids…

Lego Santa sleigh



Something tricky to start!  If you’re kids seem to be ignoring their Lego then maybe you can rekindle their interest with Lego Technics.  This kit gives you a car that moves which will hopefully add to the excitement!  If you’re kids still love Lego then it’s a great set for them too!




These are action figures that you build and then play with. There are quite a few in the range, so you can keep adding to the collection!




There are some nice sets in this range, but some don’t seem to give you an awful lot of Lego for the money.  I like this set however, as you get a decent sized dragon plus the figure and a tiny waterfall.




There are some fantastic sets to choose from in Creator, particularly the 3-in-1 range, which I think are good value as you get quite a lot of Lego for the price.  There’s also a wide range to choose from, from dinosaurs to houses!



If your kids are into Minecraft, then how about letting them build in reality? This Minecraft set looks really like the game plus comes with characters and a cute piggy!




Some great sets at good prices with City, for example you get three vehicles and mini figures to play with in the “High Speed Chase” set.



Mighty Micros

These are very small sets which you can sometimes get nice and cheap! Generally it’s a couple of mini figures (often superheroes) with a small vehicle each, quick to build and fun to play with.




Lego Juniors gives you some really good sets for a good price: from Batman and Cars 3 to Frozen and Cinderella, plus some nice suitcases for building cars and houses.  They’re for younger kids so not too tricky to build either!



Star Wars

Although there are some really expensive Star Wars kits, you can find some good ones which are much more reasonable.  I also think the kids are more likely to play with the smaller kits once they’re built!




If they’ve seen the film, how about some toys?  There’s a lot of Ninjago Lego to choose from, but here’s one I like as you get four mini figures so the kids will hopefully get some play out of it once it’s built.




There’s plenty to choose from in the Lego Friends series, but again I feel quite a few of the sets don’t give you a lot of Lego for what you’re paying.  I like this seasonal set though (even if it is small), you get a nice car, figure and a snowboard jump!




And last but not least, you can’t go wrong with a big box of bricks!  Let the kids create anything they want from their imagination.  It’s great to increase their brick collection to give them the ability to extend sets they already have or to just build something new!




So that’s it – I hope you’ve enjoyed the Twelve Toys of Christmas and have maybe got some more present ideas now!  Feel free to leave a comment – we’d love to hear some of your favourite toy ideas!


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